OmegaDots Test

A high-range spatial sendto test @

No time-limit. No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere. Pencil and papers is allowed. A fee of 5 € must also be sent to my paypal= for correcting the test.

Write down your solutions using this Text-file to copy& paste into the mail. Send your solutions to with mail subject "OmegaDots test answers." Do not send your solutions in a image-file or any kind of document file. A name or nickname is also required for the scores-list. If you want to remain anonymous let me know. A fee of 5€ must also be sent to my paypal for correcting the test.

Take your time and do your best. The test is Key-corrected to be fair with all testees. Good luck and enjoy!

You can find scores-list and IQ-norm Here!


























Available since 1st October,2019 @