Recommending: Manyland


A nice game free-to-play but cost money if you wish to build your own places. Very similar to games like Minecraft and Second Life.

You can visit my universe on Manyland for free through the browser at @!

Recommending: Legends of Aria


Also called "Ultima Online 2" a great mmorpg with open world sandbox. Craft your items and sell them, explore the huge wilderness and gather leather or ingrediences for your crafter. Challenge the mobs in the world and even become a murderer. This game will be available for Steam at early access in January 2019. I highly recommend this game. The population is also very high, which is important for a succesful mmorpg.

Legends of Aria @

Recommending: Champions of Regnum


Free MMORPG at Steam - not very populated but Nice community. The game may remind you of Zelda- Ocarina of Time, on N64. I recommend this game, Works great on Linux too! (At least for me...)

Champions of Regnum @

Recommending: KINGDOM OF LOOT


This is a nice MMO/RPG available on Steam (at 8,99€ ) I highly recommend this game especially for people who like older games.

Kingdom of Loot @

Recommending: THE MANA WORLD


It's a nice 2d graphical mmorpg. Completely free to play. I highly recommend this game because of it's quality. Not many people play this though. Works for most platforms (Windows) also Linux. Try it!

The Mana World @ &

Recommending: TMW2


Similar to The Mana World. An mmorpg project ongoing. Completely free to play and no Pay to win. A world where you hunt all kinds of creatures, playing with friends and doing quests. Works perfect also on Linux. The game is in early access and will also be launched on Steam. I recommend this game and suit good for people that likes oldschool mmorpg's.

TMW2 @

Recommending: Ultima Online (Shard: Forever Kingdoms.)

Completely free to play, a free shard of the game Ultima Online. Ultima Online was the first mmorpg that hit the Internet market. I highly recommend it for people who likes old school mmorpg's like Runescape, Tibia, etc. This shard is also one of the most populated shards of Ultima Online. Usually about 700 - 1000 players online. You do not need to pay anything for a benefit of gameplay. Try this game!

UOF / Ultima Online Forever @

Recommending: Project Gorgon


This is a free nice mmorpg with lots of skills to advance and a world to build up your character in. I highly recommend this game also because of it's unique quality. The game is however yet in early access, and will be updated along with time. If you like games like Runescape was in the past, I think you'll also like this game. Try it out!

PG/ Project Gorgon @

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