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Super Nintendo 4 PC
Free SNES emulator and games!

Note! You need to download one of the emulators to be able to play the super nintendo games. Unzip one of the emulators with the games to the same folder, then click on the .Exe file and start playing! - it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. You may also check youtube if you really dont know what to do!

If you run linux just type in the terminal=
sudo apt-get install zsnes

SNES Emulator
ZSNES Emulator

SNES Roms (Games):
Chrono Trigger
Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble
Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy VI
Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Super Mario All-Stars
Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario World
Super Punch-Out!!
Zelda - A Link to the Past

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