MatriX-78 Test intro:

This is a free-to-try and receive score test by Zolly Darko/ Paul Christian. The test is without statistics so the IQ-norm yet still is very theoretical. This is not a test to know your IQ, but rather to 'try your IQ.' All items consist of 3x3 pattern matrices and the test is with colors so if you are color-blind do not take this test! --

The test rules: Time-limit is 40 minutes and will begin as you go to the test page. No discussing with others. Try this test up to twice for most accurate results. Pencil and papers are not allowed! -- Good luck and enjoy!

( Each item has only 1 correct solution, if you'd find more than one, choose the most logical one. )
If you'd find any error in the test let me know also. You may use the forum for feedback.

When you are ready to begin the test Click here!

Note! Be quick to finish the test, time-script will begin as you go to the test page.

This test measures your IQ sd 15 up to 165.

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