Zolly's Complete Numerical IQ Test

NOTE: The time-limit is 45 minutes and will begin as you go to the test page. After 45 minutes a pop-up message will tell you that the time is out, then submit test for an accurate result. This test consist of 35 numerical items ranging from easy to difficult. Note! There are many old logics from previous tests. People that are used to my tests will score much higher than the other people who are not used with my tests. Test is free to try and receive your result. Pencil, paper and pocket calculator is allowed.

When you're ready to begin the test Go here!

This test calculates your IQ (sd 15) up to 170. Note! People who are used with my tests may get +10 IQ points higher than the regular testees.

IQ-norm updated: 12/3/2019.

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