The MaTriX Test - Intro

This test contains of 30 nonverbal questions (figures) and measures your IQ up to 152 (Stanford-binet).

The time-limit is set to 20 minutes and will start emmiadelity when you go to the test. The rules are: Do not use any pencils or papers, and no consulting others. You should also not work with the test more than 20 minutes, and take this test only once, for an accurate IQ score.

Your job in each problem is to figure out which figure should logically replace the question-mark. There are six alternative figures to choose from (A to F) and one of them is correct. Some of the questions might be harder than the others, but it's your job to find the logical pattern (for example a sequence pattern or relation). This test measures your strength in logical thinking.

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( This test has been available since May, 2012 )