A high-range spatial IQ test made by Zolly Darko in 9/10/2018.
This test is culture fair, it does not require any education or knowledge to solve the test problems.

TEST RULES: No time-limit (recommended time: A few hours.)
Pencil and paper is allowed. No discussing test items with others or posting your solutions elsewhere.
Use this text-file to copy& paste into the email. A name or nickname is required in the e-mail and a fee of 5€ be sent to my paypal= [email protected] (for correcting the test.)
Second submission is also a fee of 5€.
You must send a fee of 5€ to my paypal or your test wont be corrected (To be fair with all testees.)
Send your answers to [email protected] with mail subject "L33tus test answers"
Do not send your solutions in a image-file or any kind of document-file. Use the text-file to copy& paste into the mail.

When you have sent your solutions to me wait a few days and come back here and check the Scoreslist, you'll be there with given name and score.
If you havn't been placed in the scores-list after 3 days try to resend your test answers.

Note! If you find more than one logical solution to a problem choose the most simple and accurate solution.
(This test is not a mathematic test. It is based on pure and simple logics.)

Good luck and enjoy!

Scores list & IQ Norm:

Can be found here!


Follow the logic of the image below;

Test items of L33tus test: