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Hi and welcome to my website ZollySite! I am Zolly Darko / Paul Christian. Known to create IQ tests for a period of about 10 years. On this site you will find other creations than IQ testing but this website is mainly devoted to IQ and IQ testing. Note as I am neither a professional, not educated in IQ and IQ testing so do not take my tests or the result of them too serious. "I'm but an amateur making intelligence challenging puzzles." The tests I've made are both timed and untimed, spatial, numerical and logical items and some verbal logics. IQ tests measuring IQ up to 185 (sd 15.) If you want a more accurate or serious result I recommend that you try one of my send-to tests. I also have tests at IQexams and IQHaven. I hope that you'll enjoy browsing through my website -- and do not take all things too serious but read them as an entertainment. If you have questions and or comments about my site feel free to use the ZS Forum or e-mail me.

NOTE! If you want to be added in the members list send me an e-mail and let me know! // Or if you want to be removed from the list, let me know as well. My e-mail is: [email protected]

Enjoy browsing through the website of ZollySite!

The old tests of ZollySite:

(These tests may not be accurate.)

· Zolly's IQ test
· Matrix test
· Mindforce test
· Revolution IQ test
· The Zolly IQ test
· Brainforce test v2
· Culture fair IQ test by Zolly
· Mind-Power Test

Newer tests @ ZollySite:

· Zolly's complete numerical test
· Zolly's Royal IQ Test
· MatriX-78 IQ Test
· AG-Test
· Zolly's NewDot-Test
· Sequences of Logic Test
· Simple-Logica Test
· The Primarius Test
· ZD Figura Test

Send-to based IQ tests/ e-mailing your answers.

(Sendto test cost a fee of 5€ for correcting test.)

· Polaris-Z Test***NEW!***
· The AION Test
· L33tus Test
· Anumcha-Test
· XYZ-Test
· ZD_Legenda_Test

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IQ for your knowing!

Here's an IQ-curve for your knowledge in how good your IQ score is.
The IQ is in SD-15 (The most usual IQ division on online IQ testing.)

An IQ above 145 is considered being a genius.
An IQ of 85 to 115 is average human intelligence.

NOTE!: Do not copy these tests for own benefit or use. All tests on ZollySite is copy-righted by me (known as Zolly Darko.) The tests are free to try and receive your scores. If you have comments (good or bad) about the tests leave a message in the forum. I hope tho that you'll enjoy going through these tests. && If you would find any errors in these tests let me know so I can fix them!

For sale: Tests are for sale at 155 € per test. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in buying the copy-right of any of these tests. Send-to tests, tests at IQExams or tests at IQHaven are however not for sale. If you buy the Copy-right of any of these tests they will also be removed from this site. If you also want I can make a link to your site. Tests will be zipped and sent to you. An understanding of html and Javascript is highly recommended. //Zolly

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