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    I am building a new website so Im considering to sell zollysite and all tests (but not the send-to tests.) also the domain (zollysite.com)
    The price goes at 5000 €. Price can be negotiabled. If anyone is interested in buying contact me at zollywebmaster@yahoo.com
    The address to my new website is: bakaiq.com

Alot of nice and free IQ tests with some deep and divergent logics, created by a creative mind. Timed and untimed; spatial, numerical and logical tests measuring IQ up to 185 (sd15.) Free tests with instant results; no need to register an account or pay for your score. A website for people that want to try their intelligence and solve intelligence-challenging puzzles.

Hi and welcome to my website ZollySite. I'm known as Zolly Darko which is not my real name but a name I use in the IQ-world business. I'm a man born 1986 in Finland, also diagnozed with hebephrenic schizophrenia since I was a teenager. I've made IQ tests for a period of about ten years. The first tests I made as a teenager; one of them was The Brainforce Test which is a 5x5 dot sequence test similar to the old test Mensa sweden had back in those days. Alot of people have tried my tests and I've received alot of good feedback for them. My tests are different and also said to have divergent logics. Most of my tests are culture fair but there are tests that also require a bit of regular knowledge. Knowing for example the alphabet and roman numbers and also the english language is required for some of my tests or the test items. I am not a professional; not educated in IQ and IQ testing so ofcourse do not take my tests or the result of them too serious. Try my tests for the fun of solving intelligence challenging puzzles. The norm's are also theoretical made but with the send-to tests norm might be a bit more accurate. The send-to test however cost a fee of 5 € for correcting your test. If you are good at solving puzzles and have good cognitive skills with good pattern recognition and logical thinking you will also be able to solve my tests much easier and get higher scores. IQ tests are neither the final way of measuring intelligence; but IQ tests mainly measure a big part of your intelligence. A low result on a IQ test such as my tests doesn't necessarily mean that you are stupid or that you have a low intelligence. Creativity is one very good gift when it comes to intelligence; such as writing stories, poems and doing different kinds of art. There are ofcourse many types and levels of human intelligence. The average human has an IQ (sd15.) between 85 and 115 so within that range your IQ is considered average. Low IQ goes from 70 and below and people with this IQ will not be able to solve almost any of my test items. To be rated a genius; or that you might be a genius are IQ scores 145 and above accordingly to the sd 15. There is also the sd 16 which is Stanford-binet IQ scaling and Mensa uses sd 24 (Catell.) You may check these things up on Google. Most IQ tests today uses the sd 15 (Standard Deviation of 15.) To become a Mensa member you'll need an IQ score above 131 (sd 15.) If you really want to know your IQ however this site is not a site for that. I recommend that you try the Mensa's test or test yourself at a psychologist for the most accurate results of your intelligence. However if you score good on my tests the chance you'll score good on Mensa and at a psychologist is ofcourse much higher. I also have links to alot other ppl's IQ sites where you also can try your intelligence. What you can do however is to compare your results with other tests to be more sure about how high your IQ is. EQ as well (emotional intelligence.) and empathy is very important, maybe more important than having a high IQ. I have other creations on zollysite than IQ tests; for example I have a cartoons page but these cartoons may also seem quite paranormal or rude so read them as entertainment only. English is not my mother language so bare with me that my english is not perfect! I hope that you'll enjoy browsing through my website and trying my tests. Please feel free to use the ZS Forum for feedback and /or comments about the tests or your results of them. Good luck and enjoy!

NOTE! If you want to be added to the members list send me an e-mail and let me know! // Or if you want to be removed from the list, let me know as well. My e-mail is: zollywebmaster@yahoo.com

Also: Sometimes pages on ZollySite must be refreshed (ctrl+R) to see the updated version. It is recommended that when checking IQ norms and score tables to refresh the page. This is because the website is saved in your browser.

Good luck in the IQ testing and enjoy browsing through the website of ZollySite!

The available tests of ZollySite;

The tests are Copyrighted by Zolly Darko. (c) Zolly Darko

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IQ for your knowing!

Here's an IQ-curve for your knowledge in how good your IQ score is.
The IQ is in SD-15 (The most usual IQ division on online IQ testing.)

An IQ above 145 is considered being a genius.
An IQ of 120-144 is considered superior intelligence.
High average IQ goes from 111 to 119.
An IQ of 90 to 110 is average human intelligence.
Low average IQ is from 80 to 89.
Borderline IQ is 70-79.
IQ below 69 is considered very low.

NOTE!: Do not copy these tests for own benefit or use. All tests on ZollySite is copy-righted by me (known as Zolly Darko.) The tests are free to try and receive your scores. If you have comments (good or bad) about the tests leave a message in the forum. I hope tho that you'll enjoy going through these tests. && If you would find any errors in these tests let me know so I can fix them!

For sale: Tests are for sale at 155 € per test. Contact zollywebmaster@yahoo.com if you are interested in buying the copy-right of any of these tests. Send-to tests, tests at IQExams or tests at IQHaven are however not for sale. If you buy the Copy-right of any of these tests they will also be removed from this site. If you also want I can make a link to your site. Tests will be zipped and sent to you. An understanding of html and Javascript is highly recommended. //Zolly

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